Re:Funk were born in 2015 with Dario Milan and Maqs Rossi and they quickly made a name for themselves thanks to the quality of the performances and the positivity that they transmit every single time they’re on stage. In its short life the band already performed on some of the most prestigious stages Switzerland has to offer, such as the off stage at Montreux Jazz Festival (Music In the Park), Jazz Ascona Festival & the Locarno Film Festival. The strength of the formation resides in the chemistry of the rhythm section formed by band leader Dario Milan (drum), Francesca Morandi (bass) and Mad Mantello (guitar), all guided by the energetic stage presence and the formidable voice of Maqs RossiRe:Funk are currently promoting JAMES BROWN – “The King Years” a spectacular homage to the Godfather of Soul, from his golden years at the King Records to the consecration of the 70s. Re:Funk will give you a tight and powerful performance that will shake you to the bone,
in a show that will make you relive the emotions of the origins of funk and the mythof James Brown.

The Harder We Try :